Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Just sitting here

Well, here I am, trapped on a desert island. Um, Will, please come back and get me soon. The people chasing us seemed to have wanted a ride off the island, since they said they had been stranded there for a while. They keep staring at me expectantly, trying to get me to get them off the island. They seem to think that since I got off this island the other times that i can do it this time. But the other times I sat there and drank rum on the beach, but since we put all the rum on the ship, there isn't any! So now I'm just sitting here on the beach. The people are still watching me, hoping I'll get them off. I wouldn't mind it so much, if they would stop following me around and stop watching me while I sleep. If you could please come get me, Will, that'd be real nice, and we have to give these people a ride back to Port Royal or somewhere. Oh, and bring some rum.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Well me and Will were hunting treasure and this squirrel had the key. As soon as we got the key, we found that the chest was full of acorns (see Will Turner's blog for more information). I used my last shot to kill the squirrel, and we ate it for dinner (I think when I load my gun I need to put more than one shot in every time). But we were still hungry, and we had no bullets left. So we took the acorns and roasted them over the fire. They were pretty good, but we had to crack them open with our swords. Maybe if we dig at the spot where the treasure chest was, we'll find some buried treasure! (Like real treasure, not acorns!)